Melt Blown (MB)

Melt Blown (MB)
  • In a Korea’s first clean room factory, BNK has newly established Melt-Blown Line.It completely blocks any substance that can be introduced from outside. With hydrocharging method, the fabric is produced in one-step. The fabric undergoes fermentation stability in a certain area after the production and then is released. 

    It is a fabric with excellent ultra-fine dust elimination efficiency by giving static electricity to the non-woven fabric produced by Melt-Blown method. It is used in various industries such as masks, air purifiers, industrial filters, pocket filters, bag filters, medium filters, HEPA filters, wet napkins and sound absorbing materials.

Application examples

Able to produce in size and thickness which the customer company required.

classification differential pressure efficiency role test
Mask - - eliminates fine dust -
Air purifier - - -
medium pocket - - - -
HEPA - - - -
Absorption pad - - - -
wet napkin - - - -
sound absorbing material - - - -
activated carbon - - eliminates toxic gas -

Contact information

Responsibility Job title Contact
Lee Dae seong Team manager +82)010-3678-9462
Lee Sung Min Assistant manager +82)041-553-2732
Choi Jae-joon Administrative manager +82)041-553-2733
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